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6 Effective Unknown Blog Promotion Tools

6 Super Effective Underrated Blog Promotion Tools I stumble over many interesting new digital tools and platforms daily. Some of them are new and have not gotten their momentum in the social media yet. The others have been around for a while but do not have nearly as much buzz among bloggers as they should have. Here are my favorite 6 effective unknown blog promotion tools. I say 'unknown' as relatively speaking. [...]

8 FREE Proven Ways to Market Your Brand During Holidays and Double Your Traffic

    8 FREE Proven Ways to Market Your Brand During Holidays This is my favorite time a year. I enjoy time with my family and everything else holidays bring, like winter activities, gifts, and good food (and maybe even snow!). Because most people have so many other things to do, it is the slowest business season for online entrepreneurs and bloggers. It is hard to market your blog, products or services [...]

5 Places to Promote Your Blog for FREE and Get Insane Traffic

5 Awesome Places to Promote Your Blog for FREE Have you heard of the 80/20 marketing rule? What it means is that you spend 20% time writing your content and 80% of time promoting.  Luckily, there are SO MANY WAYS to promote your content. Sometimes it is overwhelming.  I find it what works the best is when you focus on a specific promotional task. Here is what you can do now. If [...]

5 Epic FREE Tools to Spy on Your Site Visitors

5 Incredible FREE tools to get to know your site visitors better [to increase conversion] So, you are killing it with your viral high-quality content, robust social media strategy, and impeccable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Great. Are you getting pretty decent traffic but not enough customers? Then it is time to look at your site visitors behavior to understand what they want. When you see how they behave on your site, [...]

5 Fantastic FREE WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Blog

5 Unbelievable Plugins to Promote Your Blog. Yes, Please! The awesomeness of the WordPress content management platform is that you can constantly improve and update your site.  For example, you can use a plugin to add a beautiful gallery of images, or add a call for action to your site, or add your Instagram stream to your Homepage. Just about any idea you can come up with there is a WordPress plugin [...]

Yulia Dianova
Yulia DianovaProfessional Branding Strategies LLC, PR Your Blog, Owner
I help online entrepreneurs attract more visitors to their sites and promote the unique benefits of their products and services. I can help you to build and maintain a functional Worldpress blog or site, craft your social media campaign, create a Search Engine Optimization road map, and offer you lots of inbound marketing tips and tricks to promote your brand.

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Happy Clients

Yulia was instrumental in getting Azstec’s blog site up and running. She selected the appropriate front end to match the look and feel we were looking for, as well as selecting the back end plugins so that we could manage the site flawlessly.

David Griffith, CEO, Azstec LLC

Yulia is a very knowledgeable marketing professional. She optimized all content on my site so that I could get more traffic. She coached me on SEO basics and got me published in one of my local newspapers. I am planning to work with Yulia in the future.

Michele Rae, Founder, The Center Within

Yulia is a talented content creator. She’s a regular contributor to our high traffic public relations blog. Since 2015, we’ve benefited from Yulia’s expertise and we plan to work with her for many more years.

Jason Mudd, Chief Executive, Axia Public Relations

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