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Yulia Dianova is a results-driven digital marketing specialist who promotes the use of inbound marketing and proven social media strategies to identify and exploit opportunities for effective messaging to, and relationship building with, target audiences. She provides council to online entrepreneurs and organizations who want to use digital marketing to develop new avenues for growth and/or further pursue their core business objectives. She draws upon a diverse toolbox of proven approaches and professional experience to help create brand strategies, develop social media plans, improve content management, increase search engine optimization (SEO), and design Wordpress websites. She has a proven record of successful content management and social media campaigns, as well as a diverse professional network, and is always looking for a new challenge.

6 Effective Unknown Blog Promotion Tools

6 Super Effective Underrated Blog Promotion Tools I stumble over many interesting new digital tools and platforms daily. Some of them are new and have not gotten their momentum in the social media yet. The others have been around for a while but do not have nearly as much buzz among bloggers as they should have. Here are my favorite 6 effective unknown blog promotion tools. I say 'unknown' as relatively speaking. I think these platforms/tools are a bit underrated among bloggers and entrepreneurs given how easy it is to use them and how much referral traffic they can bring to your site.   Nouncy Nouncy is a free promotional tool.It is the ultimate free marketing tool to amplify your announcements in the social media and create buzz. If you have an event coming or launching a product, let your social media followers know a couple of weeks in advance about it. Give them a bit time to gain momentum. Then sit [...]

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8 FREE Proven Ways to Market Your Brand During Holidays and Double Your Traffic

    8 FREE Proven Ways to Market Your Brand During Holidays This is my favorite time a year. I enjoy time with my family and everything else holidays bring, like winter activities, gifts, and good food (and maybe even snow!). Because most people have so many other things to do, it is the slowest business season for online entrepreneurs and bloggers. It is hard to market your blog, products or services when people are busy with their Christmas lists (I am busy too!). I would like to share a few things that are proven to work great to market your brand during holidays. Here is what you can do right now to promote your site this month for free.   Offer discounts and giveaways   The holiday season is time to give. One way to market during holidays is to offer discounts, coupons, and deals for your products and services. Do you have a free ebook? Remind your audience what a [...]

5 Places to Promote Your Blog for FREE and Get Insane Traffic

5 Awesome Places to Promote Your Blog for FREE Have you heard of the 80/20 marketing rule? What it means is that you spend 20% time writing your content and 80% of time promoting.  Luckily, there are SO MANY WAYS to promote your content. Sometimes it is overwhelming.  I find it what works the best is when you focus on a specific promotional task. Here is what you can do now. If you'd like to extend your blog's business reach, get more customers and drive more traffic to your site, you can submit your content to these 5 highly effective platforms right now to get more traffic to your site. (much more traffic!) Here we go!  5 Places to promote your blog for FREE and get tons of traffic. Bloglovin' Bloglovin' is all your favorite blogs in one place. How cool is that? Bloglovin' has over 25,000,000 visitors per month! Don's miss your opportunity to put your blog in front of such [...]

5 Epic FREE Tools to Spy on Your Site Visitors

5 Incredible FREE tools to get to know your site visitors better [to increase conversion] So, you are killing it with your viral high-quality content, robust social media strategy, and impeccable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Great. Are you getting pretty decent traffic but not enough customers? Then it is time to look at your site visitors behavior to understand what they want. When you see how they behave on your site, what they click on the most, when they lose their interest and abandon your site (silly them!), how far down they scroll etc. you will be able to make changes to your site and blog to satisfy your visitors needs and convert more of them into clients and customers. Here are 5 FREE tools you can use to spy on your site visitors. They are very easy to use and pretty cool. SessionCam SessionCam is one of the oldest tools on the market to track site visitors behavior. It is [...]

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5 Fantastic FREE WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Blog

5 Unbelievable Plugins to Promote Your Blog. Yes, Please! The awesomeness of the WordPress content management platform is that you can constantly improve and update your site.  For example, you can use a plugin to add a beautiful gallery of images, or add a call for action to your site, or add your Instagram stream to your Homepage. Just about any idea you can come up with there is a WordPress plugin for it:) How about plugins to promote your blog?  Here are 5 FREE proven to work plugins to promote your blog by attracting customers, making them come back, converting them into customers by building your e-list, and improving your site performance? If you don't have these plugins you can download them by clicking on the name of the plugin. Smush Image Compression and Optimization   I am a big fan of using images on my site to attract new visitors. A picture is worth ... you know. I use such [...]

Top 10 Facebook Groups to Promote your Blog

    Are you thinking about gaining some blog visibility?  10 amazing Facebook groups to promote your blog and collaborate! Joining Facebook groups is awesome in so many ways. You get to know [virtually, of cause] other professionals in your niche, you learn something new, network, and gain visibility for your business. You can also use Facebook groups to promote your blog by sharing your blog and social media posts. A few things to keep in mind when you want to join a Facebook group: always comply with the rules and policies of the group don't over promote your stuff be polite, genuine and honest listen and be helpful. There are so many Facebook groups you can join! I've carefully selected top 10 Facebook groups to promote your blog. These are the largest,  most active, and interesting I' ve come across. I was not focusing on a particular niche (I will do it my later post. Stay tuned). These groups are communities [...]

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